Graphic illustration by Nitya Wakhlu, produced at the Experience Engagement conference in October 2015

Graphic illustration by Nitya Wakhlu, produced at the Experience Engagement conference in October 2015. From:…

One of the goals of Learnful is to provide an accessible way for education professionals to share and discuss their ideas, initiatives, skills, and achievements. The intent is to provide a platform that encourages Open Educational Practices (OEP) to support and improve teaching and learning.

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Building a Community of Practice through Sharing Projects

You can think of a "Project" page on Learnful as a blog article or webpage that you might author on any other content sharing platform. The key difference being domain and community - the Learnful community is comprised of people who share in the practice of education.

Education professionals of all skill levels are encouraged to share their projects - which can be anything from ideas/opinions they have to presentation slideshows they have put together.

Project types and authoring content

We have attempted to capture the different types of educational "projects" that our community may want to discuss, however there is a chance that we have missed something. Feel free to email us to add to this list or make another suggestion.

Currently, these are the categories of projects that are available:

  •  Blended Learning

  • Campus Initiative

  • Collaboration

  • Curriculum Development

  • Digital Textbook

  • EdTech    

  • eLearning    

  • Evaluation Design    

  • Game-based Learning    

  • InClass Tech    

  • Innovation    

  • Instructional Design    

  • OER Project    

  • Personalized Learning    

  • Presentation    

  • Publication    

  • Self-paced Learning    

  • Social Learning    

  • Whitepaper / Report


Content Authoring

Creating Project pages is simple with our Content Blocks authoring system. You can create and rearrange different types of content blocks to better tell the story of your initiative or better illustrate your achievements and skills.

Watch this short demo video of the content block authoring system in action:

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