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Abenaki is an Algonquian language, related to other languages like Lenape and Ojibwe. We have included twenty basic Algonquin words here.

Algonquin Word Set

English (Français) Algonquin Words
One (Un) Pejig
Two (Deux) Nìj
Three (Trois) Niswi
Four (Quatre) New
Five (Cinq) Nànan
Man (Homme) Ininì
Woman (Femme) Ikwe
Dog (Chien) Animosh
Sun (Soleil) Kìzis
Moon (Lune) Tibik-kìzis
Water (Eau) Nibì
White (Blanc) Wàbà
Yellow (Jaune) Ozàwà
Red (Rouge) Miskwà
Black (Noir) Makadewà
Eat (Manger) Mìdjin
See (Voir) Wàbi
Hear (Entendre) Nòndam
Sing (Chanter) Nigamo
Leave (Partir) Màdjà or Nagadàn


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