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Content Blocks

By the end of this lesson, you will be able to 

  • define learning strategies 
  • review student strategies for learning discrete language deliverables


What are learning strategies?

[A description of learning strategies and background information on the Learning theory (Cognitivist) that brought them about.]


Activity: Understanding strategies

[Learners complete a fill-in-the-blanks exercise about strategies.]


Why use Strategies in Language Lessons?

[Reasons why strategies are useful.  Student testimonials would be useful here.]


Activity: How Strategies have helped you as a Learner

[Learners reflect on their own experiences as learners and which specific strategies helped them the most and why.  This could be a Discussion activity where other learners could comment and share experiences.]


How to use Strategies in lessons

[Suggestions of how to implement strategy use in lessons.  Instructor testimonials would be good here.]


Activity: Making use of Strategies

[Learners complete a matching activity where they match the correct strategy with a specific language task.]


Now that you've reviewed the Use of Strategies in Language Instruction, you're ready to move on to Student Engagement and the ARCS model!

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