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By the end of this lesson, you will be able to 

  • understand each aspect of the ARCS model of motivation
  • apply motivation principles to encourage student engagement 


What is the ARCS model of motivation?

[A description the model and its underlying theory]


Activity: Comprehension of ARCS model

[Learners answer a true/false set of questions.]


Why use the ARCS model of motivation?

[Reasons why the model is effective in language teaching.]


Activity: Advantage or Disadvantage?

[Learners categorize advantages and disadvantages of using the ARCS model.]


How can you use the ARCS model in your teaching?

[Starts with one or two scenarios or case studies which invite learners to come up with solutions to a specific problem]


Activity: Applying the ARCS Model

[Learners are asked to apply one aspect of ARCS in their own personal example.]


Now that you've reviewed Student Engagement and the ARCS model, you've completed the learning module, Key Learning Principles at Imaginary College.  Thank you for participating!

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