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Learning Objectives

  1. Add learning objectives here
  2. Examples of learning objectives can include:
  3. Understand how to solve for 'x'
  4. Read and create functions
  5. And so on
Photo of a pen on top of paper with math expressions

Swap out this image with an image of your own.

Introduction to the Lesson should go here. You should introduce the topic in one or two paragraphs. 

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You can also add mathematical expressions and functions using the LaTex notation. For example the following syntax:

$$\{(1,\text{ }2),\text{ }(2,\text{ }4),\text{ }(3,\text{ }6),\text{ }(4,\text{ }8),\text{ }(5,\text{ }10)\}$$

Produces the following expression:

$$\{(1,\text{ }2),\text{ }(2,\text{ }4),\text{ }(3,\text{ }6),\text{ }(4,\text{ }8),\text{ }(5,\text{ }10)\}$$

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