Organise your efforts to create OER by creating and joining Workspaces.

Work collaboratively and openly with your peers to organise, create, and share modular resources.

Create Collections from the shared outcomes and resources built in your workspace.

Health Sciences OER

This is an example Workspace that attempts to provide an overview of the tools and workflows available within a…

#Experiment #Sandbox #example #test

Indigenous OER Workspace

This is an example workspace.

#Indigenous #Canada

Test Workspace

This workspace looks to research the sky. 


SDGs resources

Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).are a framework for sharing knowledge for community development and transformation…


Ontario Colleges & Universities Collaboration Space

This is an example of a collaboration space. All content included in this workspace is meant to be for testing purposes…


InClass Workspace

Engage your students with fun active learning activities by creating an InClass Workspace.

These Workspaces work exactly like regular workspaces, with a few more privacy settings.

In-class Workspaces allow educators to define an instructional assignments that provide students an opportunity to create learning materials in the form of H5P, Lessons, & Modules.

HIST301 Learning Activity

This is an example of a InClass Workspace. These types of Workspaces are organised by an instructor for their students…

#In Class #History #Canadian History