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life without cells would be helpless we would be weak and the government would have to build more hospitalsImagine a world where we didn't have the amazing power of cells to keep us going. It's hard even to fathom, but our bodies would be helpless and we would be weak. Just think about all the incredible things we can accomplish because of our cells - we can run, jump, dance, and explore the world around us. Let's never take for granted the incredible gift of life that our cells give us, and let's use that gift to inspire others and positively impact the world. Remember, you have the power to do amazing things - all thanks to the incredible cells that make up your body! and well no one would have the energy to give commands and move around to build the hospital

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I am embarking on a crucial inquiry to determine if the Amazon cave is home to any living cells. This investigation promises to unlock vital information about the ecological diversity of this region, and could yield essential insights into the nature of life itself

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Amaris Umeh, 3 months 2 weeks ago

hope you enjoy this short article

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